Water Pollution Control Device

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As our population grew and our waste stream increased, fish became inedible, and often were killed, the river smelled terrible, and disease germs made the water unsafe for recreation. Thanks to modern technology, now the waste water we release into the Farmington River is cleaner than the natural flow that arrives in Simsbury. Most of us don’t think about what is required to achieve this, but we ought to.

Water Pollution Control Device

Water is one of our most precious resources and the quality of our water can no longer be taken for granted. Therefore, how we dispose of waste into the environment takes on extraordinary importance. The convenience of discharging material into bodies of water really means we are using our streams and rivers as natural sewers.

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  • Enforce sufficient drinking water provisions.
  • Enforce sufficient provisions if water for other economic requirements.
  • Protection of the environment from water pollution.
  • Provide alleviation of the adverse impacts of floods and droughts.


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